cor sine labe doli

Cor Sine Labe Doli, takes its name from the completion of the armorial of the founder birth town, Corato.

« Cuore Senza Macchia Di Tradimento » - « A Heart with no betrayal blemish », is inspired to the old values and a lost elegancy, that have been revised in a modern and avant-garde way, putting together the object itself, the papillon, and the artisan material with which it is manufactured, the ceramic, a stylish and creative experiment whom wears it.

The ceramic papillon is the first style expression of the brand, born at the end of 2009.

Cor Sine Labe Doli was born from the exigency to give a new life to the famous Italian elegancy fashion tradition, re-actualizing the most important men fashion accessory, the papillon, giving it a new life, new shapes, new usages and a new target.

Not ever referred only to an adult and particularly sober target, the papillon becomes the key accessory to give a glamour touch, eccentric but very elegant, to a gilet, a coloured shirt or a little black dress, as also a simple and classic T-shirt.

The estro and the artisan work are mixed together to give the life to a new accessory, at the same time original, with no precedents, but with a strong stylish past.

All is totally Made in Italy, artisanal and traditional.

That’s so that the brand Cor Sine Labe Doli was born, a dream, a world made of strong values such as friendship and radication to the native origins, together with a sweeping passion for the fashion system. Simplicity, refinement, linearism « with no betrayal blemish », as the claim says, the mission on the base of the brand, that in the end of 2009 is moving its first steps in the international fashion panorama.

Cor Sine Lade Doli looks at the fashion world with the eyes of a child.


  • ADD.  Via Sciesa, 2

    MILANO Italy
  • PHON.  +39 02 398 444 77
  • C.F. MZZMSM77L28C983H
  • VAT IT06939200728

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